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I’m so excited to be a part of a remarkable new product sure to change the face of fitness as we see it!

In Latin, Juvo means “to help or assist.” Fittingly, Juvo Board is specifically designed to help you reach your next level of fitness—wherever you are on your personal journey. Juvo Board can support the complete beginner with the first steps into a fit lifestyle, yet our revolutionary surface can also challenge even the fittest person.

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Let me explain. The Juvo Board consists of three crucially beneficial elements: Form, Elevate, and Balance.

In any fitness pursuit, Form is absolutely instrumental to achieving maximum results while avoiding injury. Juvo Form is present in both the shape of the board and in its function. The shape allows for certain movements and positions while in the Elevate or Balance settings. The Juvo Board, in either setting, supports good form, letting you progress safely as you reach the healthy results and fit body you desire.

Juvo Elevate lets beginners achieve bodyweight exercises—like push-ups, sit-ups, lunges, and squats—as well as yoga poses—such as downward dog and forward bend—that could otherwise be too difficult or simply too intimidating to attempt. How? The Juvo Board essentially brings the floor upward, closer to the user.

When Juvo Board is placed in the flat position, it becomes an unstable surface. The benefits of instability training are well known, including increased muscle recruitment, core activation, balance, and mind-body connection. The shape and size of the Juvo Board allow for a wide variety of movements not possible on other pieces of instability equipment. On other common equipment, like a stability ball, only your hands or feet are unstable while the other side is planted on the stable floor. Juvo Balance creates an environment where the whole floor is unstable. When set to Balance, simply standing on the Juvo Board requires core activation and full body muscle recruitment. Better muscle recruitment equals better results. Period.

You can apply the unstable surface the Juvo Board provides to bodyweight training, board sport training, yoga, Pilates, barre, and more, making your everyday routine more difficult—and more rewarding.

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Two of Jodelle’s favorite ways to train indoors to keep her paddling muscles primed! Combine Juvo Board with the very versatile Vasa SUP Erg for great workouts off the water, and help you get maximum efficiency on the water!  Check it out below!