3 Hot Hydration Tips to Survive This Heat!

With temps rising, we all know the importance of staying hydrated…but maybe you are finding yourself still fatigued, still experiencing muscle cramps, and still quite parched even with all the water you are tossing back.

Chances are water is not getting into the cell.  While you may be hydrating, YOUR CELLS are dehydrated.  

Water alone is not the answer.  You need to replace the salt you are losing when you are working out in the heat, swimming, and playing in the hot sun, not to mention become chronically dehydrated by all the wi-fi and electronic radiation you are exposed to.

You sweat salt water.  You cry salt water.  You pee salt water.  You are essentially your own little ocean. And with all that salt you are losing daily through exercise, heat exposure, dehydrating electronic radiation, and just day to day activities, you have to replace the salt lost.  Without salt, your cells suffer and issue begin to crop up.

So for those of you heading out in the heat, here are my 3 Top Tips to salt your way to better Hydration!

  1. Start the day off right.  As soon as you wake up, toss a pinch of sea salt in your mouth and drink water.  The message of salt on the tongue, tells the cells to open up and receive the minerals in sea salt with the water you consume and prevents cramping, fatigue, and even cravings later in the day!
  2. Coconut water is a great post-workout, or outdoor activity recovery drink, and actually matches very closely your body’s own blend of natural electrolyte structure …..except for it lacks one mineral:  SALT. So drink your plain coconut water, but toss back a pinch of sea salt prior to it, to get a complete balance of electrolytes to keep your body running on all eight cylinders.  (Avoid, the sugar added flavored coconut waters).
  3. Eat pickles!  Stock up on all natural kosher dill pickles (look for ones without adding food dyes and corn syrup) and snack on them as much as needed when exposed to the heat.  For some who work outdoors, even drinking the pickle juice can be an all natural ways to replace electrolytes.

Need more personalized nutrition tips? Consider a one-on-one in person, or phone Nutrition Consult with myself.  It’s affordable, customized, and confidential.  417-230-0554

Stay hydrated and stay well, my friends.

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