The Houstonian… Unbelievable.

I am enjoying all the travel lately that Juvo Board provides me the opportunity to do.  Not only do I get to go places and meet new, fit friends as I train and certify them on the Juvo Board, but I also get to stay in some fantastic places like the Houstonian.  The Houstonian is simply one of the most luxurious, dare I say “royal treatment, red-carpet” establishments, I have ever had the privilege of staying at!  Nestled within the heart of Houston and a stone’s throw from downtown the resort feels like you are set with a rainforest of quiet, miles away from industrial city-life. Here,  I was treated with celebrity status as soon as I stepped out of my car. This hotel has taught each of their employees the value of looking guests in eyes, being cordial, being genuine, and treating others with the utmost respect and that is a rare find in today’s society. Every encounter with any staff member was exceptional and even to the point that I was taken aback! The room was spacious, comfortable and welcoming with tall Windows with floor to ceiling glass that overlooked what seems to be a inner city forest jungle! Breathtaking. A hotel staff manager even left me some goodies after a long day of training when I returned to my room one afternoon.  How thoughtful!


The bed was comfy and luxuries with silky soft sheets and big, down-y pillows!

IMG_1554 2

But the couch was too! I napped wonderfully there. I was hosting a training workshop for fitness instructors in the Club and this club has everything you could ever want In fitness club. You will be hard-pressed to find one realm of fitness that they don’t already offer! And once again the staff at the club is phenomenol.
The establishment itself is easy to navigate and find Your way around.  I tried to find one flaw in this place but it was an epic fail. There were no flaws. If President George Bush himself sees it as a grand location to lay his head from time to time, I’m pretty sure You will not be disappointed either.

Be sure to check out the Juvo Board classes that have just begun here, and also the Aerial Yoga classes are a must-do!  I fell in love with those, as well as the stellar instructors who teach it!  You will too!  Check it out online at:  

The website alone will let you know you are in for a treat!

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