Fit 4 A Mermaid…MAUI!

Maui is known for many things, and it amazes me that stand up paddling is necessarily one of them….BECAUSE THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS!


In a perfect world, I would move there, to a little shanty close to the water, and set up shop teaching lessons on the beautiful calm waters of Lahaina’s back doors, as well as day trips to Kihei’s waters. But since my husband has vetoed that decision, I’ll stick to just going there as much as possible and do more charity paddles for my awesome friends, Mr. & Mrs Humpback Whale.

For mermaids, especially stand up paddling ones, Maui is a mecca of mermaiden-voyages out on the sea.  (Say that five times fast). Our first stop is where to stay so that you can flip your tail all over the island, and stretch your sea legs out at night. For this, you will surely want to check out “Old Lahaina House.”


Old Lahaina House is in the heartbeat of Lahaina, yet away from the busy touristy hustle and bustle, not to mention, walking distance (and I’m talking walking with a SUP In your hand walking-distance, which means not far) from a gentle beach perfect for SUP and SUP yoga.  The waters on this side of the island are calm and conducive for all things SUP and yet offer a vast array of wildlife spotting! From sea turtles to coral, to whales breaching in the distance (barring you are there from Dec-April that is), it’s a quiet residential beach area that’s well maintained and easy to get to.

Old Lahaina House doesn’t look so old, and is owned by a fresh, thoughtful mermaid at heart named Sherry, who values making her guests not only feel comfortable there, but feel like family as well. With a well-maintained pool, spotless rooms, and plenty of amenities, you will quickly settle into your little nest by the beach and be well-rested for fit, fun adventures on Maui.

But don’t get too comfortable.  Remember this trip is FIT FOR A MERMAID, and we are about to get SUPer fit!

First things first, it’s hard to find a SUP to rent in Maui, but it can be done.  I recommend getting yourself an inflatable to travel with.  My pick is a BIC SUP Fit Inflatable 10’ to be exact.


Packs up at only 35lbs pounds and fits all required measurements for checked luggage.  But if that’s not in the cards for you currently, then consider setting up a Maui SUP Session with my Maui Mermaid Adventure guide Miranda Camp, via


Not only is Miranda a local girl with tons of experience on the trails, on the water, and on where to eat when it Maui, but she’s also a realtor, so when you decide that island life is “maui’d” for you, then she is your go-to gal!  And as far as SUPping with whales, dolphins, sea turtles and other hawaiian wildlife, Miranda will supply all your equipment and give you a once in a lifetime experience.  Love to snorkel?  Love to hike to waterfalls? There’s a Maui Miranda adventure for that too!

After a day (or two) of fun with Miranda, be sure to visit some local eateries to quench your thirst, and help your body recover with real food:

  • Choice Health Bar … their protein smoothies will get your motor running and their on tap Kombucha will make you come back for more!
  • Aloha Mixed Plate …the locals know their stuff and they know that eating here will fill you up without tapping into your vacation funds too much! If you have Kalua Pork no where else, have it here! Mind-blowing.
  • Betty’s Beach Cafe …best breakfast and beach view on the island, not to mention you can walk to it from Old Lahaina House!
  • Wanna grab something fast?  In Paia, my favorite place to do that is called Mana Foods!  Grab there killer hummus and fresh island produce and make a beach picnic, or choose some vegan sushi to take with you!

Now you are fueled and ready for more action!  On the beach of course….Time to head up to Makena Beach (aka Big Beach) for some wave-hopping.  The waves are big, but gentle here and are fun to lounge in and jump around in as you watch whales in the distance.  Just be mindful getting out.  The waves break right at the shore, making this ideal for boogie-boarding…and ripping your bikini top off.

Another great beach you won’t want to miss? Napili Beach! Grab your snorkel and mask and maybe a boogie board for here too and go visit one of the most beautiful places to snorkel in all of Maui.  Beautiful coral, lots of colorful fish, and even a batch of local sea turtles that love to sneak up on you and see what you are up to, will fill your waterproof camera with far too many pics to show the family back home. When you’re water-logged and it’s still only 10am because the time change made you wake up at 6, you’ll find another famous breakfast spot right there on Napili Beach called “The Gazebo”…known for long waits but delicious food that is worth waiting for!

You may need a good yoga stretch towards the end of your trip, after all that activity.  If so, visit my friend and RYT instructor, Jennifer Lynn, of Wisdom Flow Yoga and check out her weekly class schedule of some of the best yoga you will ever take in your life.  I have learned so much from this woman and her way of teaching yoga never ceases to amaze me.

If you do happen to be there during whale season, and notice in amazement how they fill the island with their beautiful spirit, be sure to make it point to give back to them, by donating to the Whale Trust Maui ( and showing your mermaid love for our endangered friends.  This a small local Maui organization that goes the extra mile towards research, protection, and education about the whales and their annual migration.



Well, my mermaids….this is just a tail-flip of what you can do while on Maui to stay fit, active, and enjoy mermaid living at its best!   Want more?  Email me and I’m happy to fill you on my favorite finds and even some non-active fun things to do, (such as my friend’s farm, the Maui Water Lily Farm! (

And my number one tip?  Put down your social media posts for a day and just take beautiful pictures in your mind, sharing with no one but you as you will be amazed at the splendor and beauty that this mystical, healing island has to offer just you.


Aloha and healthy traveling, Jodelle

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