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 3 Hot Hydration Tips to Survive This Heat!

With temps rising, we all know the importance of staying hydrated…but maybe you are finding yourself still fatigued, still experiencing muscle cramps, and still quite parched even with all the water you are tossing back. Chances are water is not getting into the cell.  While you may be hydrating, YOUR CELLS are dehydrated.   Water […]

Should You “Bio-Hack” Yourself?

Hacking Your Body??? The term “bio-hacking” has become a staple among Health-seekers.  I can’t say that I’m sold on the whole “hacking” terminology. If you want my opinion (and you must or you wouldn’t be reading my newsletter) Hacking indicates, a short-cut, or some sort of secret inappropriate approach, much like when someone hacks into your personal computer. […]

Crickets anyone?

One of my favorite finds at Paleo FX this year was just literally just a hop, skip, and a jump away from quite possibly the world’s most perfect protein! AKETTA Cricket Protein “chips” – these were DELICIOUS! EVEN MY TODDLER WANTED MORE! So here’s 5 reasons you might want to use the promo code mentioned below […]

A High Quality Quick Fix…

I hear it over and over.  “Can you recommend a good fat burner?” “I want something that will help me see results fast!” “Is there a quick fix I can do, without diet and exercise?” While I cringe at quick fixes, I think I still might be able to help.  With what I call a […]

Sleep Awareness Week Re-cap!

April 23-29th was National Sleep Awareness Week and if you missed the 7 Day Sleep improvement program that I posted daily on my Facebook, then don’t lose sleep over it! I’ve re-capped it all for you here! #7daystobettersleep  #sleeponabear  (more on that hashtag later) During the week long program, I uncovered well researched, new, and informative tips […]

Coffee Talk with Jodelle

It’s time for coffee talk! Is it actually good for you?  How much is good for you? What kind is good for you? What about creamers, sweeteners, coffee for fat loss?  I’ve gathered the research and did my homework just for you, and even added a couple of healthy coffee recipes to go along with […]