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Online Email Coaching available….

No time for a consult, but need your questions answered regarding fitness and nutrition? For $12 per month, sign up at patreon.com/jodelle and enjoy unlimited messaging with myself to help you attain your fitness and nutrition goals for the upcoming 2018 year. Private messaging, tips and tricks, recipes, and a free meal plan of your […]

How Pain Pills Affect Your Health

“The pain you feel today is the strength you will feel tomorrow.” – Anonymous I’ve coined us the “instant gratification nation” and for good reason.  Our modern sciences and technology has allowed us the privilege to have within our means, quick fixes that make life easier.  In particular, when we feel pain or inflammation of […]

Are you aging too quickly?

Damaging Foods… Captain Obvious here, and it’s my job to point out to you the most damaging foods that are keeping us a nation obese, sick & tired (because they go hand in hand now) as well as inflamed. But before I do that, ponder on how you feel about the fact that when you […]

Fats. Should You Eat Them?

I don’t remember much of my childhood and I’m only 37.  I really attribute this to a childhood diet low in fat, and high in refined carbohydrates that my fat-fearing mother so ignorantly clung to. However, a few memories do stand out, and they stand out because I remember thinking during a moment of clarity, […]