What Can I Expect During A Nutrition Therapy Consult?

What Is Nutrition Therapy Consulting?  

Nutrition can be complicated.  The vast majority of nutrition dogma out there can be confusing.  “Should I eat low fat, or low glycemic? Is ketosis safe? What about fasting?  Should I eat the eggs or egg whites?”  With all the varying styles of diets out there, it’s no wonder we have become a nation accustomed to yo-yo-ing between diets, trying them on for size, like the latest trends in jeans.

But just like jeans, one size does not fit all.  Jeans require a custom fit, and the right length, width, rise, and style for the individual, and similarly, so does nutrition.

Nutrition Therapy Consulting aims to bring an individualized approach to each consult, focusing on the nutrient needs, the tastes that the individual likes, and meal planning that is prepared in a way to suit the individual’s lifestyle.  As a nutrition practitioner, my goal with any client is just that:  listening to, recognizing, and acknowledging the distinctive and unique needs of the person I am working with.  I believe in empowering my client to become their own healer, understand their own bodies, and dig deeper into the “why” of underlying conditions, as I work as a “nutrition detective” inviting them to ponder on the questions I bring up.

What Should I Expect During A Consult?

Each consult is conducted discreetly and comfortably, perhaps over coffee or tea, just as if you were meeting with a trusted friend.  I love making new friends and consider my clients to be just that. To best understand your diverse needs, I will provide you an emailed Nutrition Assessment Questionnaire to fill out prior to our session, as well as a 3 day Food Journal assessment.  You will email these back to me preferrably prior to the consult, or you may bring them to the session as well.  From this I am able to gather a wide array of information from which to ask appropriate questions and learn all I can to help you.

Some very important questions will be addressed that I ask each individual.  Here is a sampling of the questions:

“May I ask about your typical day:  What would you be eating, drinking, doing during your typical day from start to finish?”

“Can you tell me, how about your favorite foods, or constant cravings you might be having, as well as foods that you simply can’t live without? No judgements here, so feel free to be clear on ‘good’ foods, as well as maybe ‘not-so-good for you’ foods.”

These questions are very useful in helping me understand whether their are vitamin and mineral deficiencies occurring, as well as helps me understand your lifestyle and what kind of plan would work for your schedule and desires.

What Else Should I know?

During the consult, I will be making notes and gathering as much information as I can to build my recommendations for you and with your assistance.  We will become a team working together to solve your issues, and give you ample amount of “tools in your tool belt” from which you can grab as you are ready and implement into your lifestyle to see vast improvements at your own pace. Followups are scheduled to give you an accountability partner (myself) to check in with and discuss your progress, as well as further assistance is understanding your ever-changing body.  Emailing inquiries as you make necessary adaptations to the plan is encouraged, to make sure you learn as you go and get all your questions answered.

If you are ready to set up your initial session, and feel better, look better, and essential become a better version of yourself, then I encourage you to contact me at 417-230-0554, or by emailing getfitwithjodelle@gmail.com  

“To truly serve others, the nutritionist of the future must also be a psychologist of the heart, a cheerleader of inner potential, and a warm friend to any client.”

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