Why I’m Leaving Facebook and Where I’m going….

BIG News…..I’m leaving…..

I have a life rule with regards to shopping and clothes. When I purchase something I have to get rid of something. I only have so many hangers in my closet and drawers in my small dresser and I do not desire to increase that.

And since how i do anything is how I do everything, this same life rule applies to my social media. Which is why I am leaving Facebook. 

While it’s been a great avenue for me to reach almost 4,000 followers with info, I have found a platform I like better called Patreon. And in true Jodelle fashion, when one comes in, another has to go out. Why?

As a business owner and passionate researcher/seeker of truth, I spend enough time online.  Adding stress to my life has never been my bag, so if I were simply to add a platform like Patreon to my already existing online presence, that would only mean more time away from my family and nature.

And I practice what I preach. I want to still be able to practice my advice of getting out in sunlight and away from electronic devices, away from the pressures of social media, and spend time with those we love and who need us.

I want to give my followers, clients, and online content the best of what I have to offer. I can’t do that if I spread myself too thin with too many irons in the fire.

So, by January 1st, you will find me on Patreon and Instagram and no longer on Facebook.

What’s so great about Patreon and why should you join me there?

Patreon will be (and has already started to become) an inner circle of people who desire to learn along with me growing and understanding the truth behind nutrition, fitness, healthy lifestyle behaviors.  

How does this change benefit you?

Patreon is a safer, more organized way for you to see ALL the content I put out and not miss anything. Exclusive content is sent to you and you are the first to know of the latest research I find, the podcasts I upload, and even the live workouts and Q&As I’ll be hosting!  Here is just some of the content I’m getting ready to release on Patreon:

  • Is Your House’s radiation Making You Sick? (Video)
  • Quickie workouts and even one exercise that will take less than 3 minutes to strengthen your entire body! (Video)
  • Uploaded Meal Plan to Survive the Holidays (coming this week)
  • A webinar on Dopamine, and the reason you may be lacking motivation (Video)
  • Podcasts with my brother and Bunny!
  • Recipes, tips, tricks, and love! 

All exclusive to my Patrons and found no where else!

What’s already on there?

  • A Beginner-Friendly 10 Minute Interval Workout you can do at home!
  • A Webinar to help you Go Gluten-Free the Easy Way!
  • A Pumpkin Workout!
  • An exclusive nutrition consult with Bunny herself!

What are you waiting for! Visit Patreon now and become a Patron of Get Fit with Jodelle.

It’s just $1 to join my inner circle and gain access to all the incredible content I want to share with you.  For $12 for the entire year, it’s as if you will be enjoying consultations with me and taking your nutrition at your own pace, in your own space, and at your own time!  I’ll be working out with you, teaching you, encouraging you, and even doing live chats with you right from the comfort of your home!

Not ready for Patreon?  That’s okay, but be sure to check it out, just to see what you might be missing.

You will still find me on Instagram, posting quick info and fun pics, so be sure to follow me there (Click here)

And yes, I will still be producing podcasts with Bunny and My brother, but those will now be featured on Patreon and iTunes only, with one cool feature being LiVE video streaming Q&A and live workouts on Patreon too!

So, long story short, I’m moving over to Patreon and would love to have you join me there, and join my inner tribe.  I appreciate you patronage up to this point and hope that you will continue onward and upward with me, as I passionately strive to be your nutritionist, Master Trainer, and friend, as you continue on your journey of health.

If nothing else, I thank you for trusting me to walk with you thus far. Love, hugs, and gratitude,

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