The Best Supplement Everyone Should Have on Hand!

The Best Supplement in Your Cupboard….or if it’s not there, it should be!

Who among us doesn’t want to lose stubborn body fat while maintaining the lean look of a nice svelte, muscle-toned physique? 

And while most would love a magic pill to help them achieve that, perhaps there is a supplement that could potentially be the answer.

In comes the convenience and benefits of BCAAs or Branch Chain Amino Acids.  If you haven’t yet heard of these, step into the light and allow me to blow your mind.
Here are just some of the researched and published benefits of BCAAs:
  • Studies show those who consume BCAAs regularly have less belly fat, and more muscle mass over time, even in those on low-calorie diets: Check out this study!
  • In diabetics, BCAAs have been shown to reduce insulin resistance, by improving insulin sensitivity and moving glucose into the cells.
  • It reduces central fatigue in the body: Learn more here!
  • Increase motivation and energy expenditure during workouts, leading to increased performance and more calorie expenditure.
  • BCAAS have been found to reduce DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) or that “it hurts to sit on the toilet” feeling after leg day. In addition, this study shows that it also keeps the immune system from breaking down after intense exercise: Read more here!
  • Bring up low moods, and flush out bad moods by increasing serotonin in the gut, and sending it to the brain.
  • Serotonin production due to BCAA consumption also helps fight sugar and carb cravings, as your brain will be more focused and balanced and insulin regulated.
  • And when your BCAA supplement contains L-Glutamine, like the one listed here, you will also be repairing your gut lining with the healing properties that L-glutamine offers.
Now that you understand how miraculous and marvelous they are, you might be wondering, “Just what exactly are BCAAs?”
First let’s start with just what an amino acid is and does…
They the building blocks of protein, meaning, when you take in foods containing amino acids, the body breaks down the protein in the foods into the individual amino acids to be used for:
  •  repair
  •  energy production
  •  metabolism
  •  digestion
  •  movement of minerals
  •  and much more.
 If I went into every breakdown of every amino acid and how it works within our bodies, I’d be writing a book instead of an article. 
According to different sources, there are between roughly 21 amino acids, but 9 truly ESSENTIAL ones.  Essential, meaning you can’t make them, you will surely die with out them, and therefore your body must get them from food. All foods contain amino acids, but when we are looking at foods with all of the essential amino acids, we look to animal protein. (Have no fear, vegans out there.  Some foods that are not animal protein that also contain all the amino acids, such as quinoa).  Amino acids are spectacular so many levels.
Dieting, calorie restriction, poor nutrition, skipping meals, stress, lack of sleep, and too much exercise leave our body in a state of need when it comes to amino acids.  When this happens, if we are not consistently bringing in adequate levels of protein for amino acid breakdown, the body begins to rob from its own protein stores…your hard-earned muscle.  This is called catabolism (kind of like cannibalism), or muscle breakdown.
Your muscle is just like that of animal protein that you eat.  It contains amino acids that the body can use in the event that you aren’t bringing in.  While catabolism is natural body survival mechanism, it’s not something we want our body to get used to.  Here’s what can happen to a catabolic body:
  • Muscle loss which = Lowered metabolism
  • Lowered metabolic function = Lowered fat-burning capabilities
  • Lack of energy
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Becoming winded quite quickly with minimal effort
  • Poor workouts, or none at all due to poor energy
  • Thick through the middle, but flat butt and “skinny-fat” thighs
  • Poor memory, low moods, and reduced serotonin (your “feed good nuerotransmitter)
Let’s go back to the flat butt and “skinny fat” thighs for a moment.  Your thigh muscles and your butt muscles (gluten and quads) are your largest muscle group.  When your body senses that it’s lacking amino acids, it will breakdown your largest muscle groups first (butts and thighs) and shut down your ability to burn fat for energy, as it senses there is a famine or a lack of nutrients coming in.  Under stress of a famine, your body (no longer burning fat) begins to store fat, specifically through your middle, to protect the vital organs of the body.  In a nutshell, your body is robbing from your thigh muscles, slowing your metabolism, and causing a muffin top, a spare tire, and a not-so pleasantly plump mid-section.  That’s no fun.
Why then, if there are so many essential ones, are the 3 that make up BCAAs the most vital? These 3 little powerhouse amino acids give your body an abundance to pull from so that the body doesn’t have to resort cannibalism and devouring itself. They are used mainly for maintaining muscle, repairing muscle tissue, and optimal recovery from exercise. BCAA’s however are not a complete protein, as they musn’t be a replacement for foods containing all the essential amino acids. 
In addition to the above, BCAAs when taken in throughout your day will preserve metabolism by preserving muscle, and give you a tiny release of insulin to keep sugar cravings at bay.  Your metabolism revs up, fat burning then revs up, and you become that svelte, muscle-toned physique we talked about earlier.
Now, I know I’ll regret sharing with you my favorite kind of BCAAs, because it seems every time I share a product, it has vanished off the shelves when I want to purchase it, but my love for sharing all things health and wellness (and not to mention great-tasting) supersedes my regret, ...So to that affect, I must share with my love of specifically the brand MRM’s “BCAAs + G (Island Fusion flavor)”.  
I have no affiliation with this company and get no kickback from promoting it. I just wanted to share with you the vast benefits of taking in BCAAs and share with you my favorite source for it. The taste is amazing, and I can definitely see and feel the difference that I maintaining muscle mass, while simultanesouly pushing hard through my workouts, and seeing more fat loss happen.
While there are many good sources for BCAAs out there, this one is Jodelle Approved due it’s high content of amino acids, the fact that it’s sweetened only with natural sweeteners specifically stevia, and the fact that unlike many others, this one contains L-glutamine – the gut-repairing, craving-crusher amino acid. Not to mention, Island Fusion flavor is right up this mermaid’s alleyand tantalizes my taste-buds!
Now that I’ve got your attention about the importance of BCAAs perhaps your wondering when its appropriate to take them in?
  1. During and After your workouts
  2. When you foresee a time-frame where you will need to go along time without food, such as a busy workday or a day of travel.
  3. When you don’t feel well, or don’t feel like eating.  Try BCAAs when you feel a cold or flu coming on to keep your body strong and fighting.
  4. As part of your meal, through a whey protein shake.  Most all whey protein naturally contains BCAAs.
  5. During a fast or adding to juices, on a juice cleanse. Juice cleanses can help with weigh loss, but the weight will most likely be muscle loss if not taking in some form of amino acids.
  6. During long intense bouts of cardio such as a long paddle session, a long bike ride, training for a marathon, etc.  This is a great way to prevent muscle wasting and keep your energy up so that you are at peak performance on race day!
  7. Regularly sipping throughout your day if you are a chronic low calorie dieter.  If you insist on dieting and going low calorie, at least take in BCAAs regularly to remind your body that you are not in a muscle-eating famine.
So now you’ve got all the info, you’ve got the tips and tricks, and you’ve even got the brand I recommend, so no excuses to not add BCAAs to your healthy REAL food based protocol, and resistance-training exercise regimen.  That trifecta could finally be your game-changer towards the results of that svelte, fat-burning, muscle-toned lean, mean, machine.
Questions about BCAAs?  Email me at and I’m happy to answer any and all.
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