What You Can Do to Reduce Your Cancer Risk and Lose Fat at the same time!

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Taking a moment to listen to this is the best way to really hear and understand my passion for cancer prevention, but I’d also like to take a moment here and discuss some of my advice from the podcast…..

I was going to explode with anger and sadness if I didn’t record it.  As I speak this, Cassondra, a student of mine at the gym I used to teach at, died the day after I recorded it, at just 28 years oldThe podcast is dedicated to her and the many women in my life who have suffered or lost their battle to cancer. 

Cassondra went to the doctor after months of “stomach problems”. Even so,  no doctor diagnosed her with cancer for over a year. By that time, it was on her liver, esophagus, kidney, uterus, 1 fallopian tube, 1 ovary and her stomach. After fighting hard for over a year with chemo, and every other treatment they could muster up…her husband and young children and dedicated family lost her.

This should not be happening…young women should not be dying from cancer, and yet…its all we are suddenly hearing about.

Just a couple months ago I watched Robyn, my 34 year old girlfriend die from breast cancer.

The statistics are gut-wrenching. In recent studies….

–85% (that is, 97 women out of 114 studied) suffering from cervical cancers were between 26 to 35 years of age.

–40% of women getting breast cancer are under the age of 40…. 40%!!!

–1 in 3 women will get diagnosed with cancer, 1 in 5 will die from it.  My friends, we are not immune.  Think of your two closest friends.  Between the three of you, statistically one of you will be diagnosed with cancer. This should not be.

So, Why is this happening….

Honestly…industrialized man and their quick fix technology, and their ways of convenient-izing (my own word) everything from robot-vacuum cleaners to  push-button cars, have created plastic products, chemical foods, and environmental toxins to make everything cheaper, faster, and easier and unfortunately using compounds that are known endocrine disruptors (hormone trouble-makers in other words) as well as known carcinogens (cancer-causing agents).  In addition,   society in general puts stress and standards on each of us that if we don’t “own this” or “buy that” or “live this way”  we don’t measure up.  According to them, if you don’t look like the covergirls on magazines, you are broken and don’t belong in society.  They create a problem, such as (you’ll never be happy until you lose that unwanted weight because look at how happy and laughing the Shape Covergirl models are), then they create the solution (follow these 5 simple steps towards getting your bikini body and eat Lean Cuisines to get that bikini body).

To be clear, women who have suffered with or have died from cancer in my opinion are at no fault of there own. Rather, it was lack of proper information being put out by Big Pharma and the industrialized society that we live in that led them to believe that what they were doing was right.  We are at the mercy of the knowledge that is put on on social media, on the tv, in magazines and diet books, if we don’t take our health into our own hands and do our own research.

That’s where I come in.  After losing many people I love to cancer, including my own mother at just 45 years of age, I have done my homework about the truth about cancer and will continue to do so so that I can arm you with the information necessary to make informed healthy decisions about your own health and the health of your loved ones.   I promise to keep up always on the latest research, studies, and information that comes from reputable sources and share my knowledge with you as it comes to my full, truthful understanding.  Please continue to stay tuned to my blogs and invite friends and loved ones to view it as well.

Share it on your social media and help me spread the word about how to stay healthy and live your life at 100% for as long as possible!

Now to fill you in how to reduce your cancer risk…..

Based on sound, scientific research which I love to do my homework on, here are
10 Proven Ways To Reduce Your Cancer Risk…TODAY!

1.  Avoid processed, refined, and fast food as much as possible.  If was made by man in a factory, keep in mind most are not interested in your health at all, but rather are looking to make a buck.  However, if it was made by a Creator and you can pull it from the ground or it’s grown outside and in it’s most natural state, then it’s only underlying purpose is to bring you health and vitality.

2. Avoid toxic chemicals from household cleaners as well as any fragrance-containing products, and jobs where you are required to be around hazardous chemicals. No job and no amount of $ is worth you developing cancer.  An incredible study was done and will astound you when you read what came of it.  It noted that any chemically-fragranced products from cleaners, to dryer sheets, to air-fresheners, and laundry products can contain carcinogenic compounds (cancer-causing agents).  It also noted that one would be wise to stick to cleaning most things with simple vinegar and baking soda.

3.  Avoid hand santitizers that contain triclosan. Triclosan is a chemical that has been researched to lead to the progression of breast cancer cells.  A safer alternative is perhaps an alcohol-based hand-sanitizer free of triclosan.

4.  Avoid antibiotics and try to up your immune system with probiotics.  The next time a sinus infection creeps in, instead of rushing to the doctor for another antibiotic, which can throw off the delicate balance of good bacteria you need to keep your immune system strong, take the slow and steady approach.  Try Probiotics.  While they may take a slower pace when it comes to restoring you back to health, slow and steady wins the race, due to the fact that probiotics amp up immune function, so much so that perhaps this sinus infection may be your last! By re-inoculating your gut with good bacteria you are setting your body up for a lifetime of fighting a strong battle against cancer-tumor cell growth.

5. For pete’s sake, sleep! You were designed to repair damage done by the outside stressors of this world with sleep.  Your body can only repair during periods of rest.  That’s why sleep is so crucial to keeping cancer at bay, yet many of us skimp out on it in favor another episode of the walking dead.  Unfortunately, keep doing that and you might just be your own episode. Research shows that our bodies need to follow a set circadian rhythm (or cycle of awake and rest) in order to function optimally and reduce our risk of cancer.

6.  Try Yoga.  John Hopkins School of Medicine listed yoga as one of it’s top 10 ways to reduce a women’s risk of re-occuring breast cancer.

7. Avoid over-exposure of radiation from airlines, cell phones, eletronics, turning off wi-fi, having regular technology breaks. It’s been shown that the electromagnetic frequency given off by such things as the airport security screening walk-thru machine, and cell phones, your wi-fi router and other electronics has caused and is continuing to cause cancer. Opt for the pat down at the airport (it’s not so bad, I do it overtime I travel). Keep your cell phone at least two feet from you when not in use, or turn it off when possible. Turn off your wi-fi router at night when you go to bed or when you don’t need it.  These are just small steps you can make to once again lessen your risk.

8. Avoid plastics when and where possible…. specifically BPA/BPS.  I can’t speak enough on the dangers of a compound in plastics called BPA or bi-sophenol A.  This known endocrine disruptor (or hormonal trouble-maker) is associated with everything from weight gain to cancer in a wide array of studies. Here a few things to consider avoiding when it comes to controlling your exposure of BPA (and BPS, as it has been touted as an acceptable alternative, yet research is showing it is no better):
Please do all that you can to not only avoid BPA – read read read your labels and container products

  • choose glass or stainless steel instead of plastic tupperware
  • look for bap-free cans, such companies like Muir Glen
  • use reusable shopping bags or baskets instead of plastic bags
  • Buy bpa free toothbrushes or anything else that goes in your mouth.
  • Avoid receipts as they are loaded with bpa
  • Aim for wood, clay, porcelain, glass, fabrics, and go organic when possible.  Avoid plastic at any chance you get!
  • Coffee Makers need to say “bap-free”. Otherwise switch to French Press (I Love my Kicking Horse French Press) or look to purchase the Technivorm Coffee Machine, one of the few coffee machines totally bap-free on the market.
  • Eat out less, especially at restaurants that do not use fresh ingredients. Most leftover foods are stored all in plastic in warm containers so they readily absorb the BPA from the container.
  • Microwave safely. Never use plastics in the microwave or steerable bags.  Heat in glass when possible.
  • Avoid foods wrapped in plastic. Better yet, cook your own food and store in glass containers and stay in control of your health and your families health.

9. Parabens, Sulfates, and Phthalates, on my! Personal care products such as creams, shampoos, body washes, conditioners, hair styling products, and makeup most likely contain one of the three listed here.  Each of them are known endocrine disruptors and have been linked in some way to cancer.   Take a moment and head to you personal care products and look to avoid methyparaben, propylparaben, ethylparaben, sodium laurel sulphates or other sulphates, as well as anything that reads “fragrance”.

10. Ditch refined, processed sugar, and even too much fruit. If you learn nothing else from this article, remember:  sugar feeds cancer cells.  So if by some chance you might already have a hidden cancer cell within you, you could potentially kill it off by starving it off sugar.  Even fruit can be too high of sugar content for some people.  Especially if that fruit is non-organic and heavily sprayed with pesticides, as most non-organic fruits are. Sugar also causes inflammation and creates an environment of low immunity where cancer cells can grow and develop.  Did you know that allowing your Diverticulitis or other bowel disorder to continue to flare up puts you at risk for colon cancer? 

You can’t be immune.  You could be one in three, or you could take control of what you can control as listed here and limit your risk once and for all.  Your body, your family, and the world itself will benefit by having the most healthy you on the planet that you can be.  Do what you can with the knowledge you now have and share with those you love so that they too can be informed and then maybe, just maybe we can move those statistics to 1 in 10 or 1 in 100 instead of 1 in 3. 

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