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Award-winning Free Pizza Recipe!

This pizza has won me several awards, such as being listed in 417 Magazine, and also Cathe.com and so I felt the urge to share it with all my beloved readers as a token of my thanks for trusting me to help you reach your health and fitness goals….enjoy… Gluten-free Cauliflower Pizza Crust Ingredients:  (All […]

Trust Your Gut…

Trust Your Gut –Did you know 5 lbs of your total weight is gut bacteria? –Did you know that sugar cravings can be caused by harmful yeasty overgrowth in the colon? –Did you also know that your uncontrollable urges around food may not be your fault? It’s time to trust your gut.  It’s got a lot to tell […]


Most everyone has some.  Celebrities have it.  (Yep, Tara Reid too.) Even babies can have it.  But that’s about the only time it’s cute.  This article is designed to help you understand cellulite, and more importantly, help you take steps to get rid of it, …..for good. So, What is Cellulite:   It’s actually a […]

New Year, Same You….You 2.0

Every drop of the New Year’s ball seems to mark an occasion for newness, or change.  “NEW YEAR, NEW YOU!” Blasting all through health magazines and online media.  Let me be the first to say: THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH WHO YOU ARE, WHERE YOU ARE RIGHT NOW. In my line of work, I have […]

Discipline is guidance…

Two year olds.  Wow.  This is a whole new world for me. Independence, stubborn-ness, curiosity, defiance, approval, responsibility. This is stuff two-year-olds are made of.  And as a parent, I am challenged to the core. Yet, I embrace this challenge with gusto because as always, my little mermaid is teaching me how to swim more […]

My 10 Best Strategies to Surviving the  “Season’s Eatings”!

It’s beginning to look a lot like “stress-mas” ….where all the office parties, holiday happenings, family events, and winter comfort foods seem to be on the worried minds of those trying to stay committed to healthy eating.  Even with the best of intentions sometimes we give into the temptations that lurk around every event, and even those […]

What’s the Best Meal Plan out there!?

The Perfect Meal Plan Made for YOU! You read diet books, you scour Shape magazines, you watch Dr. Oz, you read your favorite blogs, and all the conflicting nutrition dogma’s get somewhat jumbled in your head.  “Eat low carb!” “Watch your portions!” “Count Calories!” “Calories don’t matter, just eat what you want!” “Coffee is good […]