Think “Outside the Box” and Get Fit…

“Outside the Box” Personal Training and Nutrition Coaching

What is it?
Personal training, NOT DONE IN A GYM.
Your personalized session will be done outdoors.

Fresh air and sunshine, as well as physical movement in a functional way will go a long way in helping you achieve your fitness goals and body shaping desires.

You will meet Jodelle at a different location for your session, where she will be coaching you through your workout, as well as coaching you on your nutrition, behaviors, and lifestyle habits and providing you with a step-by-step slow approach to making healthful changes.

What Should I Expect?
Your unique session could include (but not limited to) anything from:
-Hiking (according to your level)
-Stand up paddling (lessons and/or fitness on the board)
-Walking/running/jogging (walking or intervals of running)
-Outdoor fitness using bodyweight and tools provided by Jodelle
-Nutrition coaching and a listening ear all provided during the session.
-All equipment provided by Jodelle.
– Each session will last approximately one hour.

Why Outside?
We spend far too much time indoors, surrounded by synthetic estrogens, chemicals, and toxic blue-light from electronic devices. This one hour digital detox from the hustle and bustle of life, electronic stimulation, and indoor exposure is a great way to reset your body clock and get in touch with our natural movement and circadian rhythm. Direct sunlight exposure, fresh air, vitamin D, and natural movement give the body a chance to heal as well as make changes. Not to mention, being able to get your nutrition questions answered and hash through life’s frustrations with someone who cares about you and your health is also very healing.

What’s the Cost?
Each session is $65, or you can purchase a package of 6 sessions for $300.
Also, two or more persons can train together for $45 per person session.

SPACE IS ONLY LIMITED TO 4 PERSONS CURRENTLY, as Jodelle’s schedule is limited, so sign up today by calling 417-230-0554

Anything Else I Should Know?
-Sessions can be “kid-friendly” if needed, so you don’t have to find a sitter.
-Requests for custom personal training can be made.
-A general assessment and waiver will be filled out prior to the training.

Step “outside the box” and get fit…with Jodelle.

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